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La Défense - Colombes - Asnières

The idea for the business district of La Défense came up in the 1950's. The La Defense district is located 15 minutes from the hotel.

Many of its tall skyscrapers (including the Esso tower) and the CNIT building were erected in 1958. The Paris-La Défense area is today’s biggest business district in Europe.

Fifteen minutes away from the Jardin de Villiers hotel, more than 1,000 companies

Divided into 11 areas, and spreading on the grounds of Puteaux, Courbevoie and Nanterre, La Défense’s highest point, the 48-storey-tall Total tower, is 187 meters high.

Colombes, an old residential area, now with many office buildings

Colombes, one of Snecma’s production sites, also houses the production sites of Alcatel, Thales and Oracle France’s headquarters. These are only a few of the many companies that bring thousands of workers each day to the town. A hotel close to Colombes and with all the benefits of lovely guest rooms in the heart of Paris, that’s what the Jardin de Villiers hotel has to offer.

Asnières, a dynamic town

Asnières has a history that goes way back, with obvious proof of its past activity. The town is also forward looking, thanks to companies like L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Lucas, and Louis Vuitton, all located in Asnieres, along with several businesses from the pharmaceutical industry. If you are coming on a business trip in this part of the Paris western suburbs, you will be so close to Paris that you might as well make the most of your stay and book a room in Paris.

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