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sauna privatif hotel jardin de villiers Paris

In our hotel, make the most of our modern relaxation area and freshly renovated, including a Sauna at Paris 17. Located in the basement of the stoned wall hotel, take the time to relax in our sauna, after a long day of work or a romantic weekend.

The sauna, what is it?

The sauna is a steam « bath ». It’s a traditional practice used in northern countries especially in Finland.
The steam comes from the heat provided by the volcanic rocks placed on a pan that can rise between 70°C and 100°C.

For whom? 

The sauna is a practice open to all public, except for people with low blood pressure. Nevertheless, everyone must do the session according to their own feelings. 


It is recommended to take a hot shower first, then dry completely.
If it’s your first passing to the sauna, do not hesitate to feel free to sit down on the lowest seats, they are those where the heat is least strong.

Useful Information:

The sauna of the hotel Jardin de Villiers in Paris welcomes you every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. During a time of 45 min. 
The reservation must be done 30 minutes in advance.

It will be possible for you to privatize for free the sauna of our hotel

The sauna is open to outside customers 35 € / 45min. For customers who currently reside at the hotel, the reservation will be free if you book on our site.


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