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Palais des Congrès - Porte Maillot

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is close to many training andcongress centers.

Close the Jardin de Villiers Hotel, in the 17th arrondissement, are situated many training andcongress centers. Centers dedicated to seminaries and conferences are available as well. To organizeyour meetings, training sessions, open house days for higher-level classes, it is easy to rent a space inthe vicinity. Our hotel is thus ideally situated in the proximity of these numerous centers, and whenyou are done with your meetings, you can benefit from our brand new fitness room to help relaxyou.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near the Apave center rue Salneuve

At 17 Rue Salneuve, very close to the Jardin de Villiers hotel, the Apave training center offersconferences and training sessions on technical topics linked to risk management (electricity, building,heating, energy performance etc.). The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is located 50m from the center ofAPAVE and therefore directly accessible on foot; it is ideal for a training carried out in the bestconditions.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near Mediasite, rue Legendre

For training rooms equipped with teaching and digital materials, a unique address is located near theJardin de Villiers hotel: 42 Rue Legendre in Paris. Mediasite offers the logistics necessary for thesmooth running of your events. Discover this easily accessible place located at two metro stationsfrom Gare Saint-Lazare.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near the training center FrancisLefebvre, rue Viète

At 13 rue Viète in Paris, Francis Lefebvre Formation is a historical training center known to all thosewho revolve around the accounting, financial, auditing or management control focuses. Integratingthe pre-training procedures, this center near the Jardin de Villiers hotel will meet everyone'sexpectations with its high-level training courses, thanks to carefully selected speakers and aparticularly comprehensive and well-researched teaching program.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near the Batignolles center

Located just a few steps from the Jardin de Villiers hotel, specialized in organizing exclusivelyprofessional events, the Batignolles center has 9 rooms for rent. These can be equipped or not,depending on your activities. The price of the rental space varies according to the number of peopleinvited to the training provided by the companies. Food and breaks are also taken care of.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near the training center Cegos, Paris 17

Just like Francis Lefebvre, Cegos offers high level training on numerous topics related tomanagement, communication, accounting, etc. The Jardin de Villiers hotel is ideally located next tothe Cegos center located at 49 rue Legendre In the 17th arrondissement. So while staying at thehotel, you will be 200m from the Cegos center, ideal to enjoy your trainings in the best conditions.

The Hotel Jardin de Villiers is situated near the IGS Group, rue JacquesBingen

The Association of Institutes of Social Management or IGS is the flagship school specializing in humanresources. Located at 1, Rue Jacques Bingen, near the Jardin de Villiers hotel, this internationaltraining center offers 9 trades. There are also tailor-made training centers.

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